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Past Projects

Katy teamed up with director Mark Clemente once again to choreograph The Addams Family for Desert Foothills Youth Theater! She was thrilled to collaborate with musical director Darlene Duffy, costume designer Tamara Treat, and hair and makeup designer Trey DeGroodt to bring this kooky musical to life. 

CHOREOGRAPHY: Desert Foothills Youth Theater

The Addams family

October 2017

Photo by Tiffany Bollock

Photo by Darcy Whalen

Beauty and the beast jr.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Desert Foothills Youth Theater

Under the brilliant direction of Mark Clemente and with stellar musical direction by Daniel Kurek, Katy brought the musical numbers of Beauty and the Beast Jr. to life on a cast of over 40 young actors ranging in age from 8 to 19 years old.

May 2017

PERFORMANCE: Mesa Encore Theatre

March 2017

Billy Elliot: The musical

Photos by Candace Thornton

In a performance that stunned audiences and critics alike, Katy pushed the boundaries of what she thought she was capable of as an actress and dancer in her portrayal of the chain-smoking no-nonsense ballet teacher Mrs. Wilkinson. 

Scrooge In Rouge

PERFORMANCE: Mesa Encore Theatre Black Box Series

December 2016

In this delightful and hilarious holiday romp, three music hall performers are forced to play every part in the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol when a bout of food poisoning takes out the rest of the company. Katy played the audacious male-impersonator Vesta Virile, who subsequently portrays the iconic Ebenezer Scrooge in the play-within-a-play that would have Dickens rolling over in his grave!

Photos by Heather Butcher

Photo & Poster Design by Wade Moran

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